Simple Ways To Volunteer With Your Pet To Help Others

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Volunteering with your pet can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Not only do you get to spend time hanging out with your best bud, but you get to do some good while you’re at it. To make the experience an enjoyable one, you need to find the right activity that both you and your pup will enjoy.

There are many volunteering opportunities beyond becoming a therapy animal. Check out these simple volunteering ideas to get inspired.

Canine Reading Programs

Look for a program that connects dogs with children. You’ll bring your dog to a library, school, or therapy facility. Children will then practice their reading skills by reading aloud to your pup while your dog lounges and enjoys the attention.

This is a great volunteering activity for outgoing and friendly low energy dogs. This activity requires your dog to like attention from children and be able to sit still while being read to. You may find yourself working one on one or in a group reading session.

Walk or Race for a Charity

If you have an active lifestyle or a high energy dog, then raising money for a charity through a walk or race is perfect for you. Several charities host human and dog racing events that encourage you to raise money while staying active.

The American Cancer Society hosts Bark of Life with nationwide events. The SPCA hosts Wag n’ Walk events across the country. If there isn’t a Wag n’ Walk near you, you can participate virtually by registering online. Another more relaxed event are the Strut Your Mutt walks that happen across the country.

If you decide to participate in one of these events, make sure both you and your pup are prepared. You should bring water and a disposable water bowl. Our eco-friendly bowls fold flat and are easy to carry with you on your walk or run.

Dog Walk and Trash Pickup Group

Race events only happen during specific times of the year, so how do you volunteer throughout the rest of the year? Picking up trash when you go on walks means you can exercise your pup and clean up your community at the same time. You could be loan wolves and go on your own, or get social and create a neighborhood group of dog owners.

Provide a Foster Home

If you don’t have spare time to attend volunteering activities and events, then consider opening your home to a foster pup. You can help a dog in need to find their furever home by caring for them and helping them get ready. Foster dogs tend to be insecure and nervous, so your relaxed and confident dog can help them practice their social skills.

Contact a local rescue group or shelter to volunteer. You and your pup will then work to encourage healing and growth in your foster guest. This will help them get adopted quicker and save them from being in a shelter. You’ll need a few extra supplies, so grab a spare collar and leash to welcome your foster guest home.

Donate Blood

We all know that donating blood as humans is vital for helping hospitals save lives. But did you know your pup can help save lives by donating blood? Animals get surgery too, and your pup’s donated blood can help.

The process takes about 20 to 30 minutes, with the actual donation part taking about 10 minutes of that. Your dog won’t feel pain and won’t need anesthesia. Many vets will offer a free medical exam as part of the process.

Volunteer With Your Pet Today

Volunteering with your dog lets you hang out with your pup and do a little good in the world. You can get as involved as you want with the wide variety of available opportunities. Picking up trash or donating blood are perfect for those short on time. Participating in a race or reading program are great for those looking to get more involved.

Grab your rope leash and volunteer with your pup to make the world a better place.

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