Why You Should Reconsider Your Dog's Plastic Bowls

 Dog drinking from plastic water bowl

Image: Photo by Doug Brown from Pexels

What material is your dog’s water bowl made out of? If it’s plastic, then you’ve made a terrible choice.  Don’t panic; I know you love your pup as much as I love my Briggs. That’s why we have developed the eco-friendly, and FDA approved disposable dog bowls. It’s the perfect solution for both at home and on the go use.

Experts agree that plastic is the worst material you could choose for your dog’s water bowl. There could be thousands of chemicals used to create a single plastic water bowl. These chemicals wreak havoc on both your beloved pet and the environment.

Let’s talk about why you should reconsider your dog’s plastic water bowl.

Health Complications

It takes a lot of chemicals to produce a plastic product. You’ve probably seen plastic products that are meant for humans that have the “BPA Free” label.

This label lets you know that harmful chemicals are not present in the plastic. Unfortunately, this trend hasn’t quite reached the manufacturers of pet products.

Those harmful chemicals can leach into the water and mimic how natural hormones act. When your furry friend drinks the water, those chemicals can disrupt their hormone balance. This causes several adverse health effects.

If this wasn’t bad enough, plastic gets easily scratched. Those scratches can be deep and near impossible to thoroughly clean. Now your water bowl is harboring harmful bacteria. When your pup drinks from the water bowl, the bacteria can cause skin and digestive issues.

The National Sanitation Foundation performed a study of where germs lurk within the home. Pet bowls ranked as the fourth dirtiest place in the home. They found a variety of harmful pathogens, including:

  • Salmonella
  • E. coli
  • Staphylococcus
  • Mold
  • Yeast

Environmental Impact

There are other chemicals beyond BPAs that can be present in your dog’s plastic water bowl. Not only are they harmful to your furry friend, but they can also harm the environment. These include things like chlorine, lead, and arsenic.

While there are FDA approved food safe plastics, the pet industry is not required to use them. This means you can’t be confident about what is or is not in your pet’s water dish.

Plastic harms the environment beyond the chemicals, though. Not all plastic is recyclable. Plastic that isn’t can last forever. This leads to plastic collecting in landfills and oceans.

Then there’s the damage done when manufacturing plastic products. Fossil fuels are removed from the ground, turned into resin pellets, and then used to create plastic products.

Choose the Better Option

There’s another option to those not so great plastic water bowls. We have developed an eco-friendly disposable dog bowl that provides you with a safe and portable alternative. These lightweight bowls are flat, small, and slim. This makes them perfect for slipping into tight places, like your pocket, while on the go.

Your pet’s safety is our utmost concern, so we made sure that our bowls are FDA approved and non-toxic. We took care of those pesky germs and bacteria by making them anti-bacterial.

So grab a bowl and watch it go from flat to full in seconds. Each bowl can hold up to 24 ounces of food or water. You can use a single bowl for a whole week without fears of leaking. When you’re done, dispose of the bowl with a clear conscious; they’re recyclable.

You can buy a pack of six or twelve bowls. So one package of bowls will last you and your furry friend a long time.

Be sure to take a picture of your pup enjoying their new paper water bowl and tag it with #Paper4Pups or #ToGoDogBowls. We’d love to see you and your pup on an adventure.

Use the best for your dog and the environment with disposable dog bowls.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/dog-dog-collar-drinking-grass-790616/

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