What to Do When You’re Ready to Adopt Another Dog

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Are you ready to welcome a new furry bundle of joy into your home? Approximately 3.2 million dogs get adopted each year. Once you make the important decision to adopt, you need to take the right steps to welcome your new four-legged friend home. This includes choosing the right dog to adopt, getting your home ready, and having the right supplies.

Follow this guide to ensure you and your dog have a low-stress transition.

Consider Your Current Lifestyle

To help you decide what breed of dog to adopt, evaluate your lifestyle and current living situation. Some breeds thrive in smaller spaces like apartments, while other breeds need plenty of space to run.

You also need to think about how active you are. Do you want a dog that loves to curl up on the couch with you? Or do you want to throw on their leather collar and leash and go for a daily run?

It can be tempting to adopt a dog based on how cute you think a particular breed is. It’s smarter to adopt based on your available space and lifestyle energy level. This will set you and your new pup up for a lifetime of happiness.

Think About Your Current Pets

Bringing a new family member into your home is a delicate task. If you currently have pets, you need to consider their demeanor and friendliness. A senior-aged pet may struggle more to accept a rambunctious new puppy.

Think about whether or not your current pets have ever experienced a dog. If they haven’t, it can help to have a friend bring their dog over. This will help them get used to being around a dog and let you evaluate their tolerance.

Create a Space for Your New Dog

Your new pup is coming into new territory. Your current pets have all staked their claim on your home as theirs. You need to create a safe space for your new dog so that he can feel confident and secure in the new environment. Set up a cozy crate that mimics a den. Then let them retreat to this space when they feel overwhelmed.

Gather Supplies

It’s smart to gather several supplies before your new pup comes home. Then purchase other supplies once you know their size. Before your dog comes home, collect a water bowl, food bowl, crate, and bed. This may be an easy task if you’ve previously owned a dog and have these items. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy them.

Then once you know the dog you’re adopting, measure them for a leather collar or harness. This will ensure you buy the right collar for your new dog.

Prepare the Introductions

The worst thing you can do is let your new dog loose in your home with your current pets. This will create chaos and territory disputes. A better option is to have the dogs meet in a neutral location.

Grab the harnesses and leashes and head to the local park. This creates a relaxed environment for the dogs to meet each other. You can even bring a portable water bowl to ensure they stay hydrated. This process can take a while and you want to make sure the dogs stay comfortable and happy during the meet and greet.

Get Ready for Your New Furry Friend

Once you decide that you’re ready to adopt a dog, it’s time to get to work. The first step is to determine what the best type of dog is for your home and lifestyle. Then you can start preparing for your new family member by gathering supplies and creating a space for them. Before you know it, you’ll be going on adventures like old friends!

Welcome your new pup home by outfitting them with a beautiful leather collar.


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